Our Anti-Racism initiative

PCA is blessed with a mission mindset. We are called to support those in the world that need us most.

Vision: to erase racial inequality in our community.

Mission Statement: To educate ourselves, our congregation and others about systemic racism, and take individual responsibility to become anti-racist to influence and change the world around us.

2022-02-06 PCA Compassionate Justice Forum on Antiracism Reparations Program

2021-08-08 Worship Service, Sermon and Discussion with special guest Mr. Carl Crawford

2021-04-25 Worship Service, Sermon and Discussion from the Anti-Racism Task Force
Featuring excerpts from White Savior: Racism in the American Church

2020-11-22 Sermon from Tesfa Wondemagegnehu on "How Music Inspires Us to Do More"

Tesfa's Anti-Racism resources document

2020-10-18 Sermon from Alika Galloway on the Northside Healing Space

2021-01-10 Sermon on US Capital insurrection and Social Justice and Anti-Racism discussion

2020-12-13 Anti-Racism discussion

2021-02-14 Decolonizing Wealth discussion part 1

2021-02-21 Decolonizing Wealth discussion part 2