Children in worship 
Children of all ages are welcome to join their parents in worship to enjoy the fellowship of other members, hear the traditional prayers and sounds of a congregation filled with joyful music. Many parents spend hours away from their children each week and prefer to hold them close during their weekends together. Our children’s area in the sanctuary offers an area for young children to play quietly with their parents nearby and yet able to be part of the worship service.

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Nursery and Toddler Classrooms 
Our Nursery is staffed on the first Sunday of each month to allow parents an opportunity to be more fully involved in the service. It is equipped with a speaker to allow families to take a break there any time and yet listen to the worship service.
Sunday School 
Our children, ages 4 through 5th grade, attend the first part of the worship service and go to their Sunday School classroom after Children’s Time. They enjoy a creative curriculum that incorporates music, theater, puppetry, contemporary literature and craft activities to bring the messages of the Bible to life.

Youth Mission Trip 2015
The teens of PCA meet regularly to have a meal together, talk about their faith, their place in the church and the world, participate in mission projects and have fun together. They are encouraged to bring friends of all faiths who may be on their own faith journeys
Confirmation is an opportunity and important step in one’s faith journey where a small group of students have the opportunity to explore teachings of the Christian Faith, the history of the universal church and our local church, the life and work of Jesus, and what it means to be a disciple of Jesus. At the end of the classes (6 weeks), the youth are invited to join the church – but it is not a requirement.
Adult Education 
Sunday mornings after worship, a variety of conversations are offered such as sermon talk backs, special guests who talk about the environment, equality, theology, world events, and other fascinating topics.
Out of the Box Bible Study 
Does the Bible you learned in Sunday school not make sense to you today? Do you have questions some think are heretical? Do you cringe at Scriptures called the “Word of God” like: dash heads of children against rocks, women are subhuman, execute homosexuals, slavery is legit social institution, engage in genocide? Do you long for a group of fellow travelers who share the same kind of path? This is the class for you! We meet weekly (January – June) for “out of the box” conversations about faith, God, Jesus, and the Bible. We explore theological concepts that are often taken for granted as the “Word of God” or we have dismissed them all together. Some authors we have read include Marcus Borg, Bishop John Spong, Walter Brueggemann, Barbara Brown Taylor, Bart Erdmann, and Thomas Moore. Ready for a challenge? Join us!
The Discovery Class 
Visitors are invited to learn more about The Presbyterian Church of the Apostles. The informal conversations include an opportunity to reflect on your faith journey, to learn about the beliefs and mission of our church and to even explore troublesome theological terms and questions. You will learn this church encourages questions, expects challenge, and authentically tries to follow the way of Jesus. All are invited to join the church – but it is not a requirement to join us. If you are interested in “Discovery”, please contact our pastor.