Presbyterian Church of the Apostles is committed to a program of Reparation and Healing. At PCA, we humbly acknowledge that many people of color, particularly Black and Indigenous Native Americans, have suffered generational wounds, and many continue to suffer from the past actions of people taking what was rightfully theirs. Reparations is the imperfect work to compensate for a history of stolen land and unpaid labor.

As we study and learn about the history of colonization and oppression, we acknowledge that although we ourselves never personally enslaved any person or stole anyone’s land, we still have benefitted in ways from those action that occurred in the past.

We acknowledge that our church sits on Dakota land.

In a spirit of wanting to begin to do what we can to bring healing and reconciliation in the present, PCA has established a Reparations Fund, which provides scholarships for Black and Native American students. We have been privileged to extend these scholarships over the last three years to over 20 individuals. If you would like to apply for one of these scholarships, click here.

We pledge to continue to study history, to work to make a better present, and to strive to bring benefits to many individuals for generations to come.